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A beautiful day begins with our dazzling face

A beautiful day begins with our dazzling face

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I like to make up, and everyone loves it, let alone our ordinary age.

Make-up can make our faces more delicate.
It's more like people in the painting, and it's also a good way to increase self-confidence.
However, a large part of makeup is mainly determined by eye makeup.
Today, Georgia has prepared two makeup for you.
Eye makeup is the key teaching, so other steps will be simpler.
And remember, Are you ready?
By the way, all the Flamingo used this time is a series of products in Wonderland.
This brand is the big brand of Chinese cabbage in our country!
Why do you say that?
First of all, the price is close to the people like the emperor's private visits.

Good quality and low price must be the first step in the buy-back rate.

It's very unique from the packaging.
The exotic colors of the tropical zone match a bright flamingo.
It's so simple and clear!
Well, the introduction is here. From this moment on, we get to the point.
... Makeup 1 - women in JIT commuting.
The first step is to apply air cushion powder to the whole face to create a light and transparent makeup sense.
Then use the powder to ensure the perfect makeup in every place.

And then it's the eyebrows.
The makeup doesn't see much effect, so it starts to build natural eyebrows.
Instead of eyebrow pencil, flamingos are used in two color brows, 01# light brown.

Fine powder can naturally fill the eyebrow,
At the same time, no eyebrow pencil lines are stiff, and sweat proof waterproofing effect is also very obvious.
Draw lines from the brows and gently slash back with the brush.
Create a natural and gentle eyebrow with two colors, and create a solid outline with ease.

The point is! This is a flamingo fairyland.
01# dreams of cherry blossoms,
The 10 colors are clean and tidy in a square shape.
There are two small brushes in the color plate.
One head is sponge brush and the other is round head brush.
The other two are sponge brushes to prevent color confusion and stain.
This dish is dominated by tangerine.
Except for bare pink milk tea is matte light, the rest are micro flash and pearlescent.
The color of the bottom is used for light pink with pearlite.
Shining colors to make the background color will highlight the inspiration of the eyes.
The background must be seriously dyed, otherwise, the superposition of later stage is easy to caking.

Then use the same orange light with the pearlescent to sweep the entire eye socket.
The right and left halo, the orange and pink overlap will create a sense of gentleness.
Jump out of the strong sense of makeup, so that the eyes become a distinctive existence.

Then the 2/3 eyelids that start with the cherry blossom pink and start from the eye.
The range of motion should be small, and it will be enough to use the way of painting to gently dye back.
Then use milk tea to fill the remaining 1/3 parts.
It is also painted in a way that is dyed from back to front.
The middle connecting line should be gently rubbed off with fingers. No need to make too many modifications.

Finally, use dark purple to emphasize the eye tail, the same pearlescent.
But it will show different glamour in dark-colored halo.
The lower eyelids should overlap with the upper eyeshadow to create a natural and profound effect.
Purple itself has a sense of mystery.
Add some sparkling particles and make your eyes shine like neon lights.

The eyeshadow is over, and now we're going to draw the eye line.
The flamingo's black eyeliner is used.

The blue eyeliner with a soft touch makes the lines more smooth.
The effluent is very smooth and will not cause mottling.

A little bit of connection from the eye to the end of the eye.
Then draw a natural upward arc at the end of the eye and end the eye tail.
Girls with unskilled skills can segment and draw them together.

After that, gently lift your eyelids with your fingers and fill the gaps.
Let the eyeliner achieve the perfect effect.
The advantage of the eyeliner's liquid pen is that it is not easy to make up.
The edge is neat and neat so that the eye makeup looks neat and tidy.
How can eye makeup be short of magnifying eyes? Mascara!
Mascara is the product of flamingo.
It is famous for mascara, so the effect is absolutely wrong.
"Black lightning quick makeup Mascara", just listen to the name, feel the domineering leak detection?

Gently brush from the bottom of the eyelash from the bottom up.
The tail can be appropriately stressed to make the eyes elongate and increase the visual sense.
If you brush lightly, your eyes will become more spiritual.
Dark eyelashes but no embarrassment of fly legs -- big love!
At the same time, do not neglect eyelashes, so that a complete foundation of the eye makeup will be completed.

Finally, wipe the lipstick,
Because the makeup is lighter,
So, Ge Ge I have a darker lipstick to add facial highlights.
The Joker's eye makeup is complete. What's the meaning of the noun?

That is to say, this eye makeup can live on any occasion withhold.
No surprise at all, just showing your generosity.
The use of eyeshadow is really important.
Halo is just the focus of attention, and on the contrary, I do not say much.

... Makeup 2 - capable and effective boss.
Then I used the same makeup to create second makeup.
Gorgeous change the overbearing female president! I hope you're still being used.