Types of Shoes Must Be in Your Collection
Types of Shoes Must Be in Your Collection

Types of Shoes Must Be in Your Collection

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Collection of stuff is a great habit found in many people. Some people collect coins and currencies, some people collect images, some people also collect shoes. To be fashionable with shoes you need not be a keen collector of shoes you just can make your closet rich with some categories of shoes. Let’s know what are those.

Stiletto- When we are talking about shoes we cannot miss stilettos. You cannot miss looking gorgeous with the pencil heels with a great being and some amazing colors. For parties, you can select the shimmery colors and for the other occasions, you can choose to wear solid colors with the amazing pencil heels.

Boots- Wearing boots is another way of making yourself more fashionable. Boots are one of the most comfortable and fashionable shoes in its kind. You and bring the bold look in you with an amazing collection of boots.

Ballet shoes- People also call this category of shoe plum shoes may be because of its shape. Though these shoes are more formal to wear amazing colours and designs can make it perfect for casual wear also. If you like flats then these shoes are perfect to be in your closet.

Sneakers- You may call it sports shoes as well. But these shoes are not limited within sportswear. Now people are prone to wear sneakers as an everyday wear. With time the sneakers are more beautified with amazing colors and designs. You can also find different patterns of sneakers like high neck sneakers.

Flats- Commonly we call it sleepers. This category of shoes is must for every closet. The most comfortable shoes and found to be the lightest of its kind.

These different types of shoes can easily make your wardrobe rich with trendy shoe fashion. You can improve the collection with designs and colors but the patterns will be following these categories generally.