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Fashion Bloggers

What you can get if collaborate with us?
1. We will offer you women clothing & accessories of our website via giveaway worth from $40 to $200 monthly.
2 .Extra bonuses are possible if we have an ideal cooperation (it will be evaluated by the traffic you bring to our website) Are you ready to join us? Then just send us an email(Email address) about yourself right now.
Fashion blogger policy
1. Qualifications:
Your blog must have 1,000+ followers via Email, bloglovin or Google friend.
One of your other social networks must have 5,000+ followers. (Lookbook, tumblr, pinterest, polyvore,youtube etc.)
2. Please put our promotion icon/banner on the home page of your blog, and the icon/banner you selected should link to our site.
3. Please share your thoughts on our clothing through all your social networks.
4. You should prepare to make posts with our items within 7 days after receiving our items.
5. All published posts and comments should contain links to the product page on Lilacoo's website.
6. Please email us once you publish your photos and comments.
7. Lilacoo reserves the right to use the images of your post. We may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance via email.
8. If you have joined Lilacoo Affiliate,(Affiliate) please cease to apply for this program.
9. Note: As different countries may have different custom duty policies, we can't estimate your import duty. You need to send us the custom policy in your country so that we can do something to help you to avoid paying for the tax.