This summer, the prevalence of "unruly" dressing is serious. What an e
This summer, the prevalence of "unruly" dressing is serious. What an early out!

This summer, the prevalence of "unruly" dressing is serious. What an early out!

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That's what I said, but in summer there is nothing more than just wearing these short-sleeved shorts, most of which are short skirts and long skirts. This is a bit of a headache, but today Audrey is going to change everyone. It's time to "show real skills." It is said that this summer is "unruly".

What does this unruly mean? Of course not that kind of bad! It's this kind of irregular dress. You want to be fashionable this summer. An irregular dress can help you! There are many irregularities in this year's show. I believe this should be one of the 2018 most popular elements.

T on the stage of the model we cannot reach their air, that clothes cannot be worn by the ordinary people, we are back to the reality of us oh.

[irregular dress]

The irregular sling dress that this sister wears is really breaking the traditional method of wearing, it looks like it is not to let people see a bright eye, at last, there is no aesthetic fatigue. Sling and V collar and fork are the most popular elements this year. They are all displayed on this irregular dress. Irregular skirts make you get rid of the serious, proper "unruly" is more charming!

Or the choice of a short, long dress that looks very elegant. The outer layer of gauze is really immortal. Don't wear traditional short skirts or long skirts.

[irregular shirt]

The shirt is not the original way to wear, but it is still the original shirt!

This year, there are irregular shirts in the streets. It really feels! Or V collar low shirt with the short skirt, showing youthful vigor. Or a slightly loose casual shirt with a half shoulder to wear, it's quite a norm.

Light blue is very skin color! A short shirt with half shoulders and a loose sleeve are suitable for my sister with thick arms. A little sexy, with a hint of freshness.

And a good girl is bold enough to wear a long shirt with shoulder length. Intellectual elegance and charm make you fashionable.

[irregular pants]

The first choice of pants in summer is shorts. It shows great long legs and is comfortable and refreshing at the same time. This irregular pair of shorts is a bright spot in the summer, and the traditional style of the past has been added to the limitless trend for the summer, and we have changed our aesthetic.

The irregular shorts are really novel in character, so they are so good at whatever they do. Those girls who wear long pants in summer are also tiding prone.

The irregular casual pants with colored colors are so hot that they are so cool that girls can be so handsome. If you want to be a lady, choose the irregular trouser legs of bell bottoms, fashionable, and atmosphere.

[irregularly short skirt]

When it comes to irregular wear, how can we lose our summer skirt? Irregular jeans skirt, lattice skirt and short skirts of other fabrics are all new and fashionable.

The slim jeans and short skirts with casual striped shirts are really invincible, and tall, short girls can wear them. If you want to be a little more aggressive, you can choose the irregular lattice skirt on the right side and match a seven-point sleeve lace coat. It is really very charming.

But this short and long skirt style has been started for a long time, but this year's irregular elements are starting to get hot. The calf-length skirt with short front length is super sexy, and the best jacket for a slim fitting body is best.